5 Reasons to Hire a
Real Estate Professional 

Real Estate Agents will help with all the disclosures and paperwork necessary in today's heavily regulated environment.

Most agents are well educated in and experienced with the entire sale process.

Agents act as a "buffer" in negotiations with all parties throughout the entire transaction.

Agents help understand today's real estate values when setting the price on a listing or on an offer to purchase.

Most agents effectively explain today's real state headlines and decipher what they mean to you.

I have been in real estate for almost 15 years.  One of the most gratitude feelings I receive is when I hand over the keys to my buyers in their new home.  I take pride in going through the steps with a potential buyer to reach their goal of new homeownership.  Not only am I an excellent listener, but I am also making a point to explain every step of the process with my buyers.  I feel it is important for my clients to know the process and the market.  My clients need to know all the facts in order to make one of their biggest decisions in homeownership.